Why Trump Won (2016)

Sorry, uncovering America’s racist underbelly wasn’t why Trump won Jake Novak | @jakejakeny  Published 1:38 PM ET Wed, 9 Nov 2016 Updated 8:00 AM ET Thu, 10 Nov 2016  Millions of Americans, especially those in the Washington establishment, woke up on Wednesday feeling shocked and hurt by the surprise election of Donald Trump to theContinue reading “Why Trump Won (2016)”

Single-payer Medical Insurance — The Only Way

I suspect that a single-payer medical insurance system could work.  I suspect, however, that it will be a Pigrolet version of government-run medical insurance that will be thrust upon us in the not-too-distant future.  I suspect, I’m sad to say, that it will be a fiscal and practical failure of colossal and damaging proportions, preciselyContinue reading “Single-payer Medical Insurance — The Only Way”

Groupthink on Climate Change Ignores Inconvenient Facts

Since we’ve now been living with the global warming story for 30 years, it might seem hard to believe that science could now come up with anything that would enable us to see that story in a wholly new light. But that is what I am suggesting in a new paper, thanks to a bookContinue reading “Groupthink on Climate Change Ignores Inconvenient Facts”

Newsflash: Teachers Are Already Armed

The conservative answer to liberal prohibition (oxymoron?) is to “arm and train the teachers.” While no one has come out and suggested mandating teachers carry firearms or be trained in using them, every suggestion seems to suggest “we” (i.e., the government) need to do the arming and training. Here’s a little newsflash for both sides:Continue reading “Newsflash: Teachers Are Already Armed”

How the Founders Dealt with Fake News

by Jarrett Stepman for the Foundation for Economic Education Following the [2016] presidential election, numerous stories surfaced about how “fake news” influenced the results. This prompted a reaction from the media and a concerted effort by the social media giant Facebook to crack down on the phenomenon—announcing that it would in part by using fact-checkersContinue reading “How the Founders Dealt with Fake News”

Dear Trump Nation: Guard Your Heart

by Joey Clark I made a promise to myself before the beginning of the 2016 Presidential cycle that I would not support anyone for President, and I am happy to report I have remained true to my promise.  Honestly, this has been easy to do because, in my heart of hearts, I forever hope noContinue reading “Dear Trump Nation: Guard Your Heart”

Congress Solves Your Problems

Soon after World War II, Congress began trying to solve all your problems for you.  Up until then, if you had a problem, (if you were around then), you understood that you had a responsibility to solve it, and government understood its role to assure that you had the same chance as anyone else atContinue reading “Congress Solves Your Problems”

Opposing Interests

The State is no proper agency for social welfare, and never will be, for exactly the same reason that an ivory paperknife is nothing to shave with.  The interests of society and of the State do not coincide; and any pretense that they can be made to coincide is sheer nonsense.  Society gets on bestContinue reading “Opposing Interests”