Dear Trump Nation: Guard Your Heart

by Joey Clark I made a promise to myself before the beginning of the 2016 Presidential cycle that I would not support anyone for President, and I am happy to report I have remained true to my promise.  Honestly, this has been easy to do because, in my heart of hearts, I forever hope noContinue reading “Dear Trump Nation: Guard Your Heart”

Urban Fashion Team

The rest of the country hardly considers Portland, Maine, an urban center.  In Maine, it is, though, and especially so from where I live, in the northern half of the state. One recent spring, I spent an April weekend in Portland, my first sojourn into a major city in almost a year.  (It had beenContinue reading “Urban Fashion Team”

Off the Wall

November 10, 2016 – note to Mike Rowe Hey Mike. You’ve been very quiet.  Everything OK?  I just wanted you to know that I voted for you.  I was also hoping you might explain what the hell happened on Tuesday, and say something to make me feel better about my fellow man.  Thanks, Carol Savoy HiContinue reading “Off the Wall”

To My LGBT+ Friends, etc.

To my LGBT+ and Muslim friends, my friends whose skin is lighter or darker than mine, my friends whose preferred language is not English, my friends who are currently women, and my friends who have mental and physical challenges that don’t afflict me: Greetings.  I have been tasked to explain to you, (all but theContinue reading “To My LGBT+ Friends, etc.”

Congress Solves Your Problems

Soon after World War II, Congress began trying to solve all your problems for you.  Up until then, if you had a problem, (if you were around then), you understood that you had a responsibility to solve it, and government understood its role to assure that you had the same chance as anyone else atContinue reading “Congress Solves Your Problems”

Democracy or Republic

The Constitution, Article IV, Section 4, declares “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.”  Nothing in the Constitution suggests that this country was ever intended to be a democracy.  The critical difference is in the matter of rights. John Adams captured the essence of the differenceContinue reading “Democracy or Republic”