Opposing Interests

The State is no proper agency for social welfare, and never will be, for exactly the same reason that an ivory paperknife is nothing to shave with.  The interests of society and of the State do not coincide; and any pretense that they can be made to coincide is sheer nonsense.  Society gets on bestContinue reading “Opposing Interests”

…For I Am Their Leader

Not long ago I saw a sticker on a car bumper which read: “There they go.  I must hurry and catch them, for I am their leader!”  Amusing.  I’ve seen a variation of this notion in action; it happens with great regularity in politics.  I was a college student in Ohio in 1969-1970, and forContinue reading “…For I Am Their Leader”

The Three Laws of Organisation

In response to an urgent social demand, a revolutionary regime was set up in France in 1789.  At the outset it was backed and promoted by men of far-seeing intelligence, including a good part of the aristocracy. . . . Then at the moment when the revolution became a going concern, Epstean’s law brought inContinue reading “The Three Laws of Organisation”