Henry George

An email message from Poland, received February 4, spurred some research on my part. My correspondent, Dr. Olgierd Górecki, a faculty member at the University of Łódź, Departament of Law and Administration, had discovered this site dedicated to A. J. Nock and was writing to ask for help in locating a copy of Nock’s book-length essay, Henry George.

Dr. Górecki wrote that in 2013 he had published a book about Herbert Spencer’s political thought and now he is writing his next book dedicated to Albert Jay Nock.

I don’t own a copy of Henry George, and it took me a few days to begin digging. (I was just completing the publication of my own most recent book, Cold Morning Shadow.) Today I began searching the internet in earnest for Dr. Górecki, and I was able to locate:

  • two original copies of the 1939 book on Amazon for $135 each
  • an intriguing site, which I will explore more fully, which includes, among other things, the complete text of Nock’s short book, Henry George
  • a site with a the complete text of Henry George by Albert Jay Nock in PDF

Naturally, I refer readers of this site to either the second or third options above.

I replied to Dr. Górecki’s email with all three of these leads and a copy of the PDF files containing the complete text. I was pleased with this encounter because it is refreshing to know that someone, somewhere (Poland!) is still examining and reporting on the work of Nock.

=David A. Woodbury=

Author: David A. Woodbury

At 18, I nearly severed my right index finger. That ruined a planned career as a classical pianist. Once healed, I volunteered for a stint in the Army during the Vietnam disagreement, which provided advanced training in Russian and experience as a cryptanalyst. When I resumed college I completed a B.S. in Wildlife Management at the University of Maine. After college I spent 23 years at Great Northern Paper Company and 13 years in health care, also working as a freelance Registered Maine Guide, following the lead of my cousin, Cornelia “Fly Rod” Crosby who, in 1897, was issued Maine Guide license #1. Born in Florida but raised in Lima, Ohio, and in Farmington, Maine, I am immersed in hobbies from model railroading to beer making and from woodworking to collecting historical documents. I like to read the classics such as O. Henry and Charles Dickens, non-fiction by authors such as Simon Singh and John McPhee, and the works of the early Christian theologians, who add dimension to a life of faith. With all of these interests to support it, I find that writing comes easily.

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