We Are a Conquered People

UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED WE CRUMBLE. The states of America which became united in one federation still exist in name and with regional eccentricities that each takes pride in. People in every state still entertain the delusion that they are separately-governed entities, voluntarily united into one country. Most of us have accepted the reality thatContinue reading “We Are a Conquered People”

The Big Guy’s 1260 days

Respect for the individual person has reached its highest expression in the founding documents of the United States. Those founding documents created a republic, precisely to assure that the individual is sovereign, that the rights guaranteed in the Constitution apply to each person individually and that no group of people (a democracy) can assert group rights that strip one of individual rights…

Quality of Life

James Michener published a slim volume in 1970, The Quality of Life. He wrote, however, of matters that affected people in general, America specifically, and all of us according to groups or group identities, or as Eric Hoffer characterized us: the masses. Michener is a splendid novelist and one of my all-time favorites. In TheContinue reading “Quality of Life”

Why Trump Won (2016)

Sorry, uncovering America’s racist underbelly wasn’t why Trump won Jake Novak | @jakejakeny  Published 1:38 PM ET Wed, 9 Nov 2016 Updated 8:00 AM ET Thu, 10 Nov 2016  Millions of Americans, especially those in the Washington establishment, woke up on Wednesday feeling shocked and hurt by the surprise election of Donald Trump to theContinue reading “Why Trump Won (2016)”

Your Day in Court

“If it weren’t for lawyers, dear boy, we wouldn’t need lawyers.” possibly from the movie “A Murder of Crows” (1998) Many Americans with ordinary legal disputes never get the trial they thought they were guaranteed by the Constitution. I’m just going to put this link here and let you read the excellent article that itContinue reading “Your Day in Court”

It’s My Fault

If you are discouraged by the apparent choices in the general election this November — Donald Trump versus an equally unappealing Joe Biden, Senator Necktie versus some vitriolic challenger who can’t find Peru or Poland on a map, or if a House of Representatives (not to mention a state legislature) full of posturing lawyers horrifiesContinue reading “It’s My Fault”

Henry George

An email message from Poland, received February 4, spurred some research on my part. My correspondent, Dr. Olgierd Górecki, a faculty member at the University of Łódź, Departament of Law and Administration, had discovered this site dedicated to A. J. Nock and was writing to ask for help in locating a copy of Nock’s book-lengthContinue reading “Henry George”